Hi, we're Supernatural!
We’re leading a parade for kitchen creativity, and reimagining the ingredients that help chefs shine.


Supernatural is a new way to have fun with food, your hands and your heart. Because making stuff makes us happy. So if that’s your thing, too, then climb on board – this is going to be good.


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No nasties.

Colors rule. Sprinkles are magic. But a lot of baking ingredients make perfectly good treats cringeworthy, and not just kinda. Artificial colors, preservatives and other usual suspects have ties to cancer, ADHD, allergies and more. So it’s no wonder we wished for something better. It took a few years, but nature delivered (like the O.G. rainbow maker would ever let us down). And trust us: We’re just getting started.

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High achievers.

The kitch: It’s hot, it’s happening, and it’s our job to help your culinary creativity shine. When we first set off on that mission, plant-based hues were as bold as an old couch. So we hunted hard for natural sources with strength. Followed the rainbow, you could say. And discovered colors that are 300% more concentrated, resilient and flexible than ever before.


Good vibes.

See that baby baker? That’s our founder, Carmel, reigning victorious at a Pillsbury bakeoff in ‘95. Did she win for talent, or for decorating the cake with their company logo? Unsolved mystery. But we do know those freewheeling, creative vibes are what Supernatural is all about. Sometimes we make blue ribbon treats. Sometimes we forget to add the baking soda. But the times we love it are all the time. That’s why we’re here.

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Baking with friends.

You know what feels awesome? Spoons up. Phones down. Sneaking a taste. But first, ideas, and we’ve got you covered. Stay ahead of your next project with our instagrams, and share the stuff you’ve created there, too. And if you just want to unplug and freestyle? Hell yes. (But catch you on the flip side, probably holding a fork.)